What we offer

iPartner offers a range of products that meet clients goals and budget without sacrificing quality.

Web development is our core focus.

iPartner has the expertise and experience to offer top-notch brand communication services. Developing, maintaining and promoting internet projects is a large part of how we do that, but we also offer highly effective offline branding strategies.


A website costs however much you are willing to pay for it.

There is some truth to this old saying. After all, you can fly from Paris to Helsinki business class, or you can take the train.

We offer a variety of solutions to fit any clients budget.

While there may be some differences, in the end the result is the same.

All inclusive (for large projects)

  1. 3 different design options.
  2. Client approves all page elements.
  3. Result: fully customized website

Pragmatic(our most popular product)

  1. 3 different design option.
  2. Client approves each page.
  3. Result: Quality site with unique design.

iSimple (a good place to start)

  1. 3-5 design options.
  2. Site design based on selected option.
  3. Result: quality site for less.
200 000 Rub.

Why we

8 simple reasons why clients choose iPartner

  • 1Quality-Price ratio.
  • 2iPartner is one of the top 50 web developers in Moscow, and our projects regularly receive professional awards
  • 3iPartner has years of experience successfully developing projects of all sizes
  • 4Our clients always know exactly what to expect from the finished project
  • 5Friendly + motivated project managers = quality service + minimal project risks
  • 6Clients can choose to use our proprietary CMS or an open source platform
  • 7iPartner offers a wide selection of related services = our clients enjoy the one-stop convenience
  • 8Our clients know we are serious about delivering quality web projects

The easiest way to judge a bid is by comparing it to other companies bids.

We understand tenders. In fact, we often organize them for our clients. If you have a project youd like us to bid on, rest assured that we will be happy to do so.